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Solar Fittings – Brass

All solar tubes and fittings warrantied for two years. Insulation warrantied for one year from date of installation against manufacturers defect. Manufacture assume no responsibility for damages due to improper installation or misuse of product.

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Model Number Description
S12MIP-12 ½” MIP Fitting for ½” tube
S12SWT-12 ½” Sweat Fitting for ½” tube
S34MIP-1 ¾” MIP Fitting for 1” tube
S34MIP-34 ¾” MIP Fitting for ¾” tube
S34SWT-1 ¾” Sweat Fitting for 1” tube
S34SWT-34 ¾” Sweat Fitting for ¾” tube
S1MIP-1 1” MIP Fitting for 1” tube
S1SWT-1 1” Sweat Fitting for 1” tube