Why should I use a flexible connector?

There are many reasons to use a flexible connector. Some County Codes require flexible connectors. Most customers in areas of seismic activity would benefit from using a flex connector because a flexible connector will bend, allowing for movement while keeping the connection safe from breaking. Another reason is hard pipe installations are more expensive, time consuming and often times difficult to maneuver. Flexing the install translates to saving time and money. Also, keep in mind some appliance manufacturers require that flexible connectors be used when installing their products or else the Warranty is void.

Why should I choose Falcon Stainless MEGA-FLOW SUPER WATER-FLEX™ over other flex connectors?

Falcon’s Mega-flow SUPER Water-flex flows* 17 percent more than copper flex, 31 percent more than other corrugated stainless steel flex and 134 percent more than braided stainless. Individual corrugations allow for greater flexibility, made from 304 Series stainless steel Falcons connectors are stronger, more durable, and corrosion resistant. Appliances last longer and operate at optimum performance when maximum flow is obtained.

  • Increased Flow
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Resists work hardening
  • Blow out proof

What products does Falcon make other than ¾” water flex?

Falcon Stainless provides a full line of corrugated stainless steel water connectors, from 3/8″ compression for icemakers, dishwashers, ½” x ½” for tankless water heaters, ¾” for residential water heaters and softeners, 1″ for 80+ gallon water heaters and softeners, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2″ FIP for large commercial boilers and softeners as well as a Sweat x nut configuration and assorted fittings. All models are available in various lengths.

Falcon Stainless is committed to providing our customers with the finest engineered product made from the best materials available. Extraordinary Customer relations and innovative product design has been the cornerstone of this company since 1981. Having introduced corrugated stainless steel to the US market, Falcon Stainless has over 11 million flexible connectors in use throughout the USA. Many products have been created at the requests of our customers for various water flowing applications and their complete satisfaction is a goal accomplished.

Falcon Stainless constantly researches the marketplace and directs R&D to the current issues and needs of the trade. Falcon products are UPC, IPC, IMC, NSF sec 61, ASME and IRC compliant. Recognized, as the connector that flows more and lasts longer, Falcon Stainless is the connector of choice for Plumbing Contractors, Architects, Mechanical Engineers, Inspectors, Water Filtration Experts and Homeowners throughout the USA.