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Falcon Mega-Flow ¾" vs. Braided Polymer.

All ¾" Flexible Water Connectors are not created equal!

Falcon Stainless
Flows 17% more than Copper flex
31% more than other 3/4" CSS connectors
and 134% more than braided. *
@ 22.29 GPM* Falcon Mega-flows the MOST!

* Flow calulations are approximate based on straight pipe measurements at 60 PSI

<img src="images/falconanim.gif" width="395" height="181" alt="Falcon Flow" border="0" />
Falcon CSS 3/4" Mega Flow 7/8" OD = .710" ID Falcon FF Models @ 22.29 GPM*
Copper 3/4" OD = .665" ID Brasscraft @ 19.01 GPM*
Copper 3/4" OD = .665" ID Watts @ 19.01 GPM*
CSS 3/4" OD = .625" ID LSP Aquaflo @ 16.79 GPM*
Braided 3/4" OD = .47" ID Aquaflo @ 9.50 GPM*

Dear Sirs,
I spent over thousands of dollars on a tankless Takagi water heater because I wanted limitless hot water flow. After discussing that with my plumber, he explained to me that Falcon connectors would give me the maximum water flow that I wanted, more than copper and braided because of their large openings. After installation, I would like to say THANK YOU for the wonderful product that Falcon Stainless makes.

Best regards,
Scott K

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*All flow calculations (GPM) based on Water Velocity of 17.57' per second no bends in tube at 60 PSI

All Falcon Stainless' connectors will hold any bend with never a reduction in flow.

With the increase in inner diameter of Mega-flow SUPER Water-flexTM(.72") exceeding the inner diameter of Inspector accepted copper flex ( .665"), Falcon now offers the best flexible water connector with the greatest flow, complying with code and all other requirements to ensure proper operation of water flowing appliances. The New Mega-flow SUPER Water-flexTM is the one that meets the code. Many Counties throughout the US are mandating flexible connectors for all water heater and softener installations. Many water softening companies note on their Warranty that flexible connectors are required or the Warranty is void. Mega-flow SUPER Water-flex was designed to flow the most water and to be the strongest most flexible water connector available anywhere. Meet the Code. Use the Best.

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Falcon Stainless manufactures a full line of corrugated 304 Series stainless steel water connectors from 3/8" to 2" ID for ALL your water flowing requirements.