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Installing a Falcon Stainless 3/4" Full Flow Water Connector for a water heater or Water Softener

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Installation Kit for Falcon Stainless Connectors


Guideline for Installing Falcon Stainless Full Flow Water Connectors

Installation Instructions for water heater or water softener

Installation Instructions are included on the back of every Install Kit

Note: Manufacturer assumes no responsibility for failure due to improper installation.

Caution: When connecting to a copper male adaptor or brass nipple, make sure to file any sharp edges which may contact and damage washer causing leaks.

Very Important:
To correctly install your water heater or water softener, follow the directions in the appliance Manufacturer's Installation Manual. Water Heaters or Water Softeners should be installed in accordance with local and state codes as well as Manufacturer's instructions.

  • 1. For use with water in ACCESSIBLE locations only.
  • 2. Never use water connectors for gas connections. If you are installing a gas water heater you will need to purchase the appropriate size gas connector. If compression fittings are necessary for your installation: cut pipe cleanly, preferably with a tube cutter. Remove any internal burrs. Loosen nut approximately half a turn and slip compression fitting over copper pipe until it meets internal stop. First hand-tighten then tighten compression fitting nut with two wrenches until locked securely to pipe.
  • 3. Check that rubber washer is installed in each nut of each connector. We recommend the use of Dow 111 or similar, non-toxic silicone based lubricant on washers for all installations
  • 4. Use 2-3 wraps of Teflon tape (included) on galvanized nipples (included) and compression fittings (included).
  • Note: Some heaters and softeners come with pre-installed male nipples or male threaded bypass. In this event you will not need the 2 galvanized nipples included in this kit. If you need to use the nipples included in this kit use 2-3 wraps of included Teflon tape prior to installation. Caution: Do Not Use connectors to screw nipples in place.
  • 5. After applying Teflon tape, bend connector slowly into approximate shape to join water supply to the inlet nipple of the water heater or inlet of the softener bypass and connect snugly.
  • 7. Repeat process for outlet side of water heater or outlet side on the bypass of softener. Turn on water supply and check connections for leaks.

For Water Heaters: Do not light pilot until any leaks are corrected. After tank has reached operating temperature, re-snug all water connections.